Start a Fund

The Galion Community Foundation administers funds in the following ways:

Scholarship Funds

Scholarship Funds have been established by GCF or other benefactors and groups of donors to provide continuing education assistance to area students.

Specified Endowments

The Galion Community Foundation administers endowments from donors which were given to support specific area organizations and/or projects. These monies can be distributed only to the specified recipient.

Pass-Through Accounts

The GCF acts as a donation clearinghouse for a number of projects and organizations, receiving funds on behalf of the recipients and distributing them as required. This enables small grassroots and new projects to receive the benefits of the Foundation’s non-profit status.

General Fund Grants

The Foundation distributes grants from the General Fund to area organizations and projects in response to a Grant Proposal Application Process.

Request Fund Info

Use this form to request a phone call from a Foundation member to discuss establishing a fund. You may also request a speaker from the Foundation for an event or meeting.

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