About Us

The Galion Community Foundation was organized January 15, 1957


Its purpose was, and still is, to afford a vehicle for those of modest as well as greater means to make gifts, devises, and bequests to provide financial assistance toward meeting various area needs such as charitable, educational, cultural, scientific, and recreational endeavors.


The Galion Community Foundation (GCF) is a permanent, charitable foundation established to improve the quality of life for the area citizens. The foundation is designed to assist youth and recreational activities, education, health and human services, the arts, cultural and civic programs, environmental improvement projects, and other valuable area activities and services.


The GCF is a vehicle by which individuals, groups, and corporations may channel contributions to be efficiently used for the benefit of the entire area.


The Foundation will make distributions in accordance with the donors wishes to those organizations or entities which best meet the purposes of the Foundation. Annually the Foundation distributes over $80,000.

Galion Public Library is supported in part by GCF grants

GCF receives and distributes funds for the Galion Community Theatre

Funds administered by the Galion Community Foundation

Pass Through Funds
Specified Endowments

GCF administers the New Washington Towne Band fund

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